Woodpecker Card

Woodpecker Card

If you were to wander the path to Lantern Pike in the woods around you, you will more than likely hear a woodpecker. 


Part of the 'Sounds of the Studio' series no matter where we are in lockdown or if the hills are alive with the sounds of traffic, walkers, argicutural machine noises or the baa baa of the local sheep.  Woodpecker is there drumming; drumming in anythign but rain. That coupled with the cooing of our resident pigeon, perched on my neighbours satlitte dish cooing throughtout the day. The countryside is anything but still.


Hand printed in gold taken from the larger woodpecker lino, the card has been puposely left blank on the inside, featuring an original designs. Printed in gold ink on a high quality 5” x 5” black card with recycled envelope. Prints and colour will vary slightly due to the hand made nature of the printing process which makes each one unique and one of a kind.


Postage & Packaging included in the price and all prints come in sustainable packaging.