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Solace and reflection in the movement of water

An ongoing body. Ranging across mediums of works on paper, paintings, print, photography and sound. Exploring movement, moods and scale. Autonomous creations created in moments of punctuated time.

Water in all it forms allows anonymity. Water soothing my rootlessness and lack of communities to assimilate into. For every generational emigration running through my veins, of Mauritian-Welsh heritage. Sugar cane and miners seeking better opportunities and promised lands, years of moving, a childhood spent along the Welsh Coastline and later as a live-aboard, the ebb and flow of water gave me its terms to live on, when I had none.

I now work perched alongside a river, as it tumbles below the pack horse bridge marked by century old graffiti I watch it churning through peat browns and reds, collecting all in its wake, tumbling from the hills of the High Peaks. ​An eye line to rest on, think and stare in awe, allowing healing in the space of absent families and community.

Vale to the Sea: Welcome
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